Lindsay Butler releases New Guitar Range

                                     Lindsay Butler’s latest project is his new range endorsed by him for a real country guitar sound. 

                    Each guitar has been fastidiously checked and set up by Lindsay personally to ensure you receive a quality instrument.
                                                                    Each guitar is personally serviced by Lindsay.
                          Each Guitar owner will receive a numbered authentication certificate personally signed by Lindsay Butler OAM.

                                               Each model has been selected for a great fingerboard and powerful pickups.


  "The Bush Balladeer”
           (Model No: LBBB)

 - Available in White, Black or natural redwood colour. 
 - Especially for that great bush ballad electric guitar sound made popular by Lindsay Butler and Barry Thornton.
(As played by Ashley Cook)


  "The Solid Country”
          (Model No: LBSC)

 - Released in the Traditional White which is Lindsay’s trademark colour. 
 - Alternative Cherry is also available. 
 - This little beauty is a great all-rounder for pickers who like solid body guitars.
 - Also perfect for the avid collector who’d like a signature Lindsay Butler Guitar.
(As played by Lindsay Butler)


"The Country Classic”

            (Model No: LBCC)
 - Available in golden off-white only with gold plated pickups. 
 - This is a beautiful instrument with all gold plating and tremolo for all styles of country music. 
 - The top of the range in the electric guitars. 
   (As played by Lindsay Waddington & Lindsay Butler)


  "The Road Mate”
       (Model No: LBRM)

 - The first small body acoustic to be added to the range suitable for entertainers and musicians that like a smaller body guitar.
 - This attractive guitar was hand-picked as the perfect guitar for female artists. 
 - An appealing looking instrument with built in tuner and stereo pickups.
(As played by Shaza Leigh)


"The Matilda"
     (Model No: LBM)

 - Dreadnought available in natural spruce top only.
 - This is the ultimate male entertainers road guitar. 
 - Rich sound for rhythm players with built in tuner and stereo pickups.
(As played by Brian Letton)


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Lindsay Waddington The Country Classic With a guitar collection of over 20 guitars ranging from old Fenders and '60 model Gretch's to Gibsons, it speaks for itself that I choose to walk out on stage with my Lindsay Butler 'Country Classic'.  The tones are round and clear which suits me down to the ground.
Brian Letton The Matilda It's a really great guitar - I love it!
Ashley Cook The Bush Balladeer My guitar has a great bush ballad sound.  Appearance wise, it looks good on stage and it just feels good to play.
Shaza Leigh The Road Mate I like a guitar to look good, feel good and sound good!  It's really that simple.  Lindsay's guitars fit my criteria.  For stage performances I love my 'Road Mate'.  I've also used our dreadnought 'The Matilda' on a couple of Rhythm sessions and it was just one of those guitars that make you want to play. To me, that's what it's all about!
Mike Murray The Solid Country
I'm delighted to have the first "Solid Country" guitar off the production line hanging on my wall, in recognition of the man whose name it bears.
Bill McMahon    

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