Lindsay Butler Guitar Range
The Owners

    Shaza Leigh at Butlers with her             Ashley Cook receiving his 'Bush Balladeer'        Lindsay Waddington at Butlers         
       'Road Mate' in January - 2008                   from Lindsay at Butlers in July, 2008           with his 'Country Classic', 2008
    Tamworth Country Music Festival                   Hats off to Country Festival                     Tamworth Country Music Festival

                     Ashley at home on the property with his guitar                    Lindsay Butler playing Mike Murray's
                                during photo shoot for his album                              'Solid Country' at Butlers Auditorium
                            'I Remember Buddy Williams'  (2008)                         Tamworth Country Music Festival, 2008                   

                   Lindsay Butler playing his 'Solid Country
                   at the 2008 Hats off To Country Festival.